Top Ten Best iPad Apps for Demonstration Tasks

Out of the over 54,000 education apps in the iTunes store, these are my favorite for demonstration projects and presentations. Click on the icon or the link to connect to the iTunes Store. HINT: I use many of these apps with screenshots taken from what we are studying. To take a screenshot on an Apple device, hit the home button and the on/off button at the same time and the device will automatically capture whatever is showing on your app’s screen. Need a photo of Abe Lincoln? Google it, zoom and frame it so it fits the entire screen, then take your screenshot. You can now import it as a photo into most of the apps below.

1. Explain Everything

Explain Everything - MorrisCooke
$2.99 in the iTunes store
4/5 stars at time of review
Explain Everything lets users narrate, animate, and annotate anything. You can annotate a single image or annotate and create a mini movie. Students can use it as a demonstration project, teachers can use it as a teaching tool for showing how to solve an equation or explaining the effects of weathering.

2. FaceJack

FaceJack - Secret Monkey Science LLC
$1.99 in the iTunes store
4/5 stars at time of review
Any face can be brought into with FaceJack and with simple manipulations made to talk when placed in front of the user’s face.  Import a photo of Abe Lincoln and have students recite the Gettysburg Address. Import an authors photos and state their point of view. Take photos of students and have them compare points of view. Super app for timid presenters.

3. iCard Sort
iCardSort - E-String Technologies Inc.
$5.99 in iTunes Store
4/5 stars at time of review
iCard sort is a fantastic tool for making mind maps. The User chooses different colored index cards that can be moved easily on the background. Type anything you want. Great for small group activities. Assign a color to each student so you can easily scan their participation.


4. Popplet
Popplet - Notion
$4.99 in iTunes Store
3/5 stars at time of review
Popplet is a mind mapping app that lets you import your own images. It offers boundless boards as well as panning and zooming making it a great collaborative tool.


5. Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass
Puppet Pals HD Director's Pass - Polished Play, LLC
$2.99 in the iTunes Store
4/5 stars at time of review
Import student photos, screen grabs from favorite books, or characters included with the app and create your puppet shows and make into a mini movie. Great for the writing process, demonstration projects or for re-tellings.


6. Qrafter
Qrafter - QR Code Reader - Kerem Erkan
FREE in the iTunes Store
4.5 /5 stars at time of review
Qrafter is just one of many QR Code apps. Create QR codes by entering a URL for any website, say the author you are reading or the Whitehouse, into  QR code generator . A special bar code is generated, you print it and then using the app, take a photo of the bar code and you will be lead instantly to that site . Place the codes inside book jackets or on cities or landmarks on maps. Use it as answers to questions, facts about animals on zoo maps… its uses are limitless.

7. Songify
Songify - Khush Inc.
FREE in the iTunes Store
4/5 stars at time of review
THIS IS AN iPHONE or iTOUCH APP ONLY!  Songify takes any spoken word, a sentence, your spelling list, times tables, the water cycle, and turns it into a song. Great for memorizing boring lists or to practice automaticity.


8. Sonic Pics
SonicPics - Humble Daisy, Inc
$2.99 in the iTunes Store
3.5 stars/5 at time of review
Sonic Pics allows the user to turn slides and images into digital stories along with narration. Use it to practice sequencing or import screenshots of an entire story and then read it aloud creating your own .m4v that can be shared through email.


9. Tapikeo
Tapikeo HD - Create with your Kids their Picture Book, Storyboard, Soundboard and Audio Flashcards ! - Jean-Eudes Lepelletier
$2.99 in the iTunes Store
5/5 stars at time of review
Tapikeo is my current most favorite app. It is a versatile app that allows you to set up sets of images with narration. Create audio flash cards, describe weathering over a photo of the Grand Canyon, teach a foreign language or create an audio book. Invite students to comment on images you’ve selected and direct them to specific folders.


10. Wolfram Alpha
WolframAlpha - Wolfram Alpha LLC
$1.99 in the iTunes Store
4.5/5 stars at time of review
This is the must-have reference app for readers. Trivia lovers will not put this app down. Want to know the orbit and altitude of the International Space Station or what creatures were alive during the Jurassic Period? Then this is the app for you.